Dear A.

I’ve seen all these countries now, and it made me long for a simpler life. I’m not sure I know what all this is about anymore. Do you?

We used to want to go to America to live big lives, before we had to realise that that wasn’t our generation’s dream. By the time we were old enough to go, America had lost its shine to guns, obesity and patriotism. I don’t remember exactly what we were hoping for, but it’s not there anymore. I remember you told me you still wanted to go, for a holiday – a watered-down version of our feverish plans.

There is something else that concerns me, and I think you will be with me in this one. Do you sometimes feel like we’re living on the brink of something awful, A? How unfathomable is the approaching 8 billion? And it’s getting warmer here in summer, and colder in winter.

The western world has been at relative peace for an awfully long time now. Sometimes I look at the lottery statistics and wonder what’s more likely to be drawn – the numbers that have come up frequently or the numbers that haven’t been drawn for a long time. I can’t work it out.

I think too much, and it’s silly, and I wonder if you still think just as much as me nowadays.

Yours sincerely


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